Got Humor?

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Humor is important. I often wonder how I’d get through some days without it. When the going gets tough, we need to find the humor, joy, love, laughs whatever puts a smile on your face in times of uncertainty – because trust me, it’s there. Perspective is everything. If you just take the time to look around you, I know you will find some. Joy, something we have been talking allot about -is tied to humor. And it is everywhere…as I have mentioned before. : )

Words of Wisdom:



Life is hard. It’s ok. For those of you among us that keep their sense of humor and move forward even when difficult times arise  – you continually amaze me. In my role, I try hard to really listen and I hear allot of stories regarding challenges in the classroom and beyond. Within those personal stories, and there are many, I see courage, perseverance, and resiliency  coupled with a sense of humor. Does this sound familiar? All traits we want our students to have. You are great role models and I applaud your everyday efforts.

So next time life throws you a curve ball – whether it be in in your personal life or a gift from the classroom – don’t forget to have a positive outlook and look for the humor in the situation.

Some Humor Quotes to Reflect On

Without a sense of humor, you don’t have much sense at all – Pen

A sense of humor… is needed armor. Joy in one’s heart and some laughter on one’s lips is a sign that the person down deep has a pretty good grasp of life.  – Hugh Sidey

A sense of humor is a major defense against minor troubles. – Author Unknown

I think the scariest person in the world is a person with no sense of humor. Michael J. Fox

Kindness and a generous spirt go a long way. And a sense of humor. It’s like medicine – very healing. Max Irons

Question of the Week: Are you keeping a sense of humor?


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