Time is the Constant for Improvement



time 2


Recently, as a school community we discussed next steps for continuous improvement. Using a journaling protocol, everyone had a voice.  Thoughts and opinions were gathered and themes for moving forward were identified.  As you may remember and also guess from the title of this post, time was at the  top of our list.  Time for more collaboration, vertical teaming, peer observations, the reappearance of BSST, and last but certainly not least, more joy in learning.

Here’s the thing: we can’t make the day longer – yet.  We CAN be more creative, more focused, and more proficient in time management though. Lets think outside of the box. I know for me, if I do not plan and schedule certain actions steps to accomplish my goals, time gets the best of me and I miss out on opportunities to be more productive. The first step to accomplishing our goals is collaboration.

Keep this in mind:


So this week, I encourage you to support each other and find the time to expand your time to collaborate. It will benefit your students, yourself and the school as a whole. I promise it is worth the commitment and effort.  As the saying goes, many hands make light work.



Food for Thought :

Team Time: 2-2:30 x 4 days a week = 2 hours

Team Time: 2-4:00 x 1 days a week – 2 hours

Team Time 2-4:00 x 2 days a week= 4 hours

Team Time: 2-4 x 1 day a week = 2 hours

Team Time: Different ideas??

As always, if you need time outside of the classroom above and beyond your common prep time and scheduled grade level meeting times: talk to me. For those of you that have asked – I provided the coverage. I will happily continue to do so!R esources well spent.

Question of the Week: Are you willing to  commit to more collaboration?  What times work best for you and your team? : )

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