A New Year!



I love fresh starts! As an administrator, it is an opportunity to re-create myself, improve upon my practice, and continue to serve my  students, staff and community in what I hope will result in an amazing year. With the start of the school year around the corner, here are a few big picture goals to put my best foot forward for 2014-2015.

As a personal goal, I am striving to take better care of myself. I always feel this sounds selfish, but the truth is, it is a prerequisite to doing the best work possible for those I care about.  Besides, if Oprah says we all need to take care of ourselves first; then others, who am I to disagree? In order to do this, I need to have the discipline to eat well, exercise regularly, spend quality time with my family and nurture my spirituality. Lofty goal for this girl, but attainable. Can you say Growth Mindset?

Professionally, this is the year to let the community truly hear about the amazing staff and great things we do here at Cove School. It’s time for people to know our story.  Overdue, in fact! Presently the PTO authors a Facebook page: Cove School Facebook Page, while I author the Principal’s Blog: Cove School Blog. While this may be a start, with the plethora of social media tools available to us as educators, I have only been scratching the surface. As an avid fan of Twitter, you can find me @Principal05 where I am continuously building a PLN that I never cease to learn from. While this is my personal Twitter account, this year I’ll be adding a school account and teaching more teachers the benefit of using Twitter. Lastly, as part of my story telling adventure, I will be more  consistent  with weekly, email and  voice messages through our Blackboard Connect Account to update families on future events and the successes of the week. I love the use of the blog, but the voicemail and direct email are more convenient for families. Lesson learned. : )

Of course these are broad and overarching goals. I look forward to working with our Teaching and Learning Team and outlining more specific, detailed, and concrete goals as we get closer to September! Peer observations and instructional rounds, common core standards, writing, PBL and the list goes on. There is much to accomplish, but we have the right staff, the right mindset, and the stamina and drive to be successful for all of our students!

Bring It On : )


8 thoughts on “A New Year!

  1. Kudos to you for setting a personal, health-related goal, Lisa! In order for us to best serve others, we must be at our best. I love that you are going to tell your school’s story in a far-reaching way. I think educators need to do more of this to dilute the negative press we can get. Best wishes for a super year!

  2. Great post! I love you final statement: “There is much to accomplish, but we have the right staff, the right mindset, and the stamina and drive to be successful for all of our students!” I wish you the best of luck for a great school year filled with many accomplishments! Thanks for sharing your goals with us!

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