A Tribute to My Father


We all have people who have influenced us on our journey. I am the oldest of five and what I can say for sure is that I have been tremdously blessed with a supportive and loving family. My  educational path however,  has been enormously influenced by my father. Currently he is a Principal in a  Massachsettes Center of Technical Education Innovation School in Western Massachusetts and I must say, he is simply amazing. He actually attempted retirement a few years back,  but was asked to come back and continue the work he had begun. Truth is, it was what was  best for both the school and his own continued growth and happiness. He is happiest when he is serving others; students, teachers, and the school as a whole. While the work remains challenging, he returns year after year and supports his faculty and students in ways that I know are appreciated by members of the community. I know this, because I hear the stories, even though I live an hour and half away.



When I think of leaders who are successful in their craft, they almost always encumber kindness, gentleness faithfulness, patience, goodness, and self control. And as tacky as it may sound to some, they illuminate love and peace which all trickle down to the culture in their building. Ok, school buildings are not really peaceful, but a true leader keeps his poise when the inevitable chaos hits.  All of these traits encumber the heart of who he is and why I am lucky to be his daughter.

Other obvious traits are essential for leadership such as having a vision, giving quality and frequent feedback, problem solving, being an effective listener and managing multiple initiatives. He is dedicated and talented, but his success rests on the foundation of his faith and the personal qualities that make him who he is.

I am proud of him and what he continually does for others. And today, I just wanted to share how grateful I am to call him Dad.









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