A New Year!

  I love fresh starts! As an administrator, it is an opportunity to re-create myself, improve upon my practice, and continue to serve my  students, staff and community in what I hope will result in an amazing year. With the start of the school year around the corner, here are a few big picture goals […]

Time is the Constant for Improvement

      Recently, as a school community we discussed next steps for continuous improvement. Using a journaling protocol, everyone had a voice.  Thoughts and opinions were gathered and themes for moving forward were identified.  As you may remember and also guess from the title of this post, time was at the  top of our […]

Got Humor?

Humor is important. I often wonder how I’d get through some days without it. When the going gets tough, we need to find the humor, joy, love, laughs whatever puts a smile on your face in times of uncertainty – because trust me, it’s there. Perspective is everything. If you just take the time to […]